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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When is 2020 Preschool Registration?
A:  The Brick Township Board of Education has released important information and dates regarding the 2020 Preschool program. Click here for more details.
Q: How old do you have to be to register for preschool?
A: Age 3 by October 1st of that school year.
Q: Are all classes full day or half day?
A: All classes for the 2019-2020 school year will be full day.
Q: What are the Preschool hours?
A: Preschool hours will be 8:40am til 2:40pm.

Q: Is there Before and After Care?
A: We are still looking into this service and cost. 
Q: If I register, am I guaranteed to get into the preschool?
A: No, children will be chosen by a lottery process.
Q: Will transportation be provided?
A: Yes, transportation will be offered utilizing centralized bus stops.
Q: Is there a cost to the program?
A: No, there is no cost.
Q: If my child is currently enrolled in the Integrated Preschool program do I have to apply again?
A: Yes, you have to apply each year and be chosen through the lottery process.


Q: When is high school graduation?
A: Both High Schools' graduation ceremony have not been officially posted yet.

Q: What time is high school graduation?
A: No time has been decided for either high school at this time. As soon as the times are set this answer will change.
Q: When is middle school promotion?
A: Both middle schools' promotion ceremony have not been officially posted yet.
Q: What time is middle school promotion?
A: Veterans Memorial will take place at 5:00 PM for the entire class.
A: Lake Riviera will have two ceremonies the first at 5:00 PM and the second at 7:00 PM, more information to follow.